Michael Bermudez

 I'm obsessed with boogie music from the late 70's/early 80's


Hometown: Lake Elsinore, CA

Undergrad: University of California, Irvine

Medical School: Meharry Medical College


Hobbies: Collecting and listening to old records, guitar, running, skateboarding, hiking/camping


If Not ER: Family medicine or GI

If Not a Doctor: Rockstar

Favorite Band: Steely Dan

Favorite Book: Anthony Bourdain: Kitchen Confidential

Best Star Wars Character: Han Solo

Favorite Sports Team: Golden State Warriors

Best of Palm Springs: Close to friends/family, beach, LA, vacation mode 24/7

Worst of Palm Springs: In-N-Out Burger too far

Jose Cardenas

I manage our dog's Instagram account


Hometown: San Jose, CA

Undergrad: UC Berkeley

Medical School: Michigan State University


Hobbies: Traveling, road trips, watching college football, making pizza, world history, technology

Pets: T-Rex (chihuahua/terrier mix)

If Not ER: Pediatrics

If Not a Doctor: Paleontologist or software/web developer

Favorite Band: Led Zeppelin

Favorite Book: Siddhartha

Best Star Wars Character: R2-D2

Favorite Sports Team: California Golden Bears

Best of Palm Springs: I prefer the warmer weather

Worst of Palm Springs: I hear it can get too warm

Bret Gorham

I roast my own coffee


Hometown: Springfield, OR

Undergrad: Wilamette University

Medical School: Pacific Northwest University


Hobbies: Climbing, mountaineer, fishing, 4 wheel drive and dirt/gravel roads, hiking, titrating to hypomania on coffee, jigsaw puzzles, learning new stuff

Pets: Girlfriend with a cat/fur child

If Not ER: IM to +/- Cards

If Not a Doctor: Linguist

Favorite Band: Incubus

Favorite Book: Stories of Your Life and Others

Best Star Wars Character: Anakin and Ahsoka

Favorite Sports Team: Timbers!

Best of Palm Springs: Joshua Tree, Mountains, great food

Worst of Palm Springs: Vac

Michael Olsgaard



Hometown: Santa Rosa, CA

Undergrad: University of San Francisco

Medical School: Touro University, Nevada


Pets: Stitch

Hobbies: Hockey, golf, tennis, hiking/camping

If Not ER: Internal medicine?

If Not a Doctor: Bio technician

Favorite Band: Mac Dre

Favorite Book: Outliers by Malcom Gladwell

Best Star Wars Character: Ewok

Favorite Sports Team: San Jose Sharks

Best of Palm Springs: Great environment all around

Worst of Palm Springs: It can get pretty hot

Matea Orlovic

Can do the splits


Hometown: Dubrovnik, Croatia and Santa Clara, CA

Undergrad: UC Santa Barbara

Medical School: Touro University, California


Pets: Walle - Cockalier spaniel in Santa Clara

Hobbies: Swimming, snorkeling, hiking, wine tasting

If Not ER: Marine Biologist

If Not a Doctor: Mermaid

Favorite Band: Queen B (Beyonce)!

Favorite Book: The Alchemist by Paul Coelho

Best Star Wars Character: Chewbacca, of course

Favorite Sports Team: 49ers, Giants, GH Warriors = Lakers

Best of Palm Springs: Happy residents!

Worst of Palm Springs: Heat!!

Nick Peairs

When I was 8, I prevented a robbery


Hometown: San Anselmo, CA

Undergrad: UC Santa Barbara

Medical School: University of Louisville


Pets: Abott the dog

Hobbies: Surfing, guitar and cooking

If Not ER: Anesthesia

If Not a Doctor: Outdoor adventure guide

Favorite Band: RHCP

Favorite Book: The Emerald Mile

Best Star Wars Character: Chewbacca

Favorite Sports Team: Golden State Warriors

Best of Palm Springs: Close to mountains and the Pacific

Worst of Palm Springs: Heat

Josey Strathe

I used to live on a farm and compete in Rodeos. At age 5 I won third place in barrel racing in age category of 5-18


Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Undergrad: University of Iowa

Medical School: Western University


Pets: Aunt to my brother's 53 sled dogs

Hobbies: Running, yoga, hiking, kayaking, fly fishing, traveling, cooking, trying new restaurants, concerts, gardening

If Not ER: Pediatrics or Cardiology

If Not a Doctor: Environmental education or start a small agriculture farm

Favorite Band: Tom Petty

Favorite Book: Man's Search for Meaning

Best Star Wars Character: Never was a fan

Favorite Sports Team: Greenbay Packers, Chicago Cubs

Best of Palm Springs: Food and nearby hiking

Worst of Palm Springs: Summer heat

Jack Thompson

I have never had a cavity in my life


Hometown: Grass Valley, CA

Undergrad: Point Loma Nazarene University

Medical School: Rocky Vista University


Hobbies: Basketball, football, cooking, softball, movies, Netflix, fantasy football, hiking, camping

If Not ER: Anesthesiology

If Not a Doctor: High school basketball coach/biology teacher

Favorite Band: Alt-J

Favorite Book: The Great Gatsby

Best Star Wars Character: Mace Windu, he had me at purple lightsaber

Favorite Sports Team: Lakers/49ers/Angels

Best of Palm Springs: So many golf courses

Worst of Palm Springs: That desert heat