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Resident Compensation

  • Allowance of up to $225 for books and other self-education materials (including directly related and pre-approved verifiable expense for authorized continuing education programs).

  • One time $100 reimbursement to the resident for a smart phone, palm pilot, or smart phone applications.

  • Pre-approved conferences up to $3,500 to attend national and/or state conferences representing the hospital and residency program.

  • Reimbursement for registration fee to take the COMLEX 3 (one time reimbursement).

  • Reimbursement for fee for State of California Osteopathic Medical License.

  • Reimbursement for fee for Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) License.


  • $54,592


  • $56,755


  • $59,296


  • $61,982

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